Interstitial Spaces

March 13, 2016 at 1:08 pm (photographs, poetry) (, , )

031316 020716 Interstitial Spaces 01031316 020716 Interstitial Spaces 05

031316 020716 Interstitial Spaces 04

031316 020716 Interstitial Spaces 03

031316 020716 Interstitial Spaces 02

i am not

i am not

you are not

you are not

we are what?
you and i
in this liminal space

between dichotomies
we are not

in the breathing space
we are

in between
we are
interstitial spaces


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A Sudden Storm

January 14, 2016 at 6:46 pm (poetry)

A Sudden Storm by Brenda Fletchall

suddenly, surprisingly
a torrential downpour

salty tears
in level 5 rapids
course through me
and out

harrowing through granite
features laid by old, old wounds and
solidified shrouds over past terrors and
… humiliations more recent

fresh floods of emotion
set me a tremble and
initiate tremors
beneath my stoic façade

hallowing out sandstone
voids which should not be exposed
left raw, greenish in hue
queasy, i thrash and flounder

yes yes
i grieve the losses

i am fearful

suddenly i am not surprised
i understand the storm
i understand why
the necessary storm

my floundering eases.

i let go
allowing the storm
to rage and subside
in its necessary, and due, course

i allow the itch of remaining tremors
be soothed by the softening rain
breathing through it, with it,
my panic fades

this storm too will pass
as have others before it
one way or another
the storms have always passed

there will be other storms
… i hope i remember in their midst
this too will pass

one way or another
whether in sudden eruption
or a slow steamy monsoon

a storm, as with a life, will always pass



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Content to Meander

December 26, 2015 at 1:59 pm (photographs, poetry) (, , , , )

122615 1211 Content to Meander

gladly the wetlands they watered
drops from elsewhere
lofted high on cloudy shoulders
drops well scattered
settle into inviting shallows
drops rejoined meander into a healthy flow.

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Light Plays

December 19, 2015 at 12:33 pm (photographs, poetry) (, , , , )

Light Plays
across the face of the meadow

rains past, present, very near future
altogether celebrated in momentary glory

Light Plays
across the face of me

pains past, present, very near future
altogether forgotten in momentary glory

121915 1218 Light Play 01

121915 1218 Light Play 02

121915 1218 Light Play 03

121915 1218 Light Play 04

121915 1218 Light Play 05

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